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Category Archives: Health

What will you get when you know first aid?

Accident is defined as an event which suddenly happens and one which is not planned or never intended. Thus, every accident is a surprise which happens by chance and most of them are not nice happenings or are mishaps. These … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know About IV Therapy

The term intravenous literally means “into the vein”. Intravenous medication administration is when medication is administered through a needle which is inserted into a vein. Different insertion sites can be used if deemed necessary. IV administration will also allow a … Continue reading

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What is Advance Pediatric Life Support?

Pediatric Advanced Life Support is put in place for health care practitioners to properly respond to critically injured patients suffering from cardiac arrest or other cardiopulmonary conditions, especially among infants and children. Pediatric Advanced Life Support or PALS is a classroom, … Continue reading

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How to Properly Administer First Aid

First aid is a life-saving technique that should not only be learned by life guards, emergency respondents and medical practitioners. You know what; we think everyone should have the right to be trained on how to properly administer first aid. … Continue reading

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