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Tag Archives: Life Support

Becoming an Official First Aider

You have probably heard of First Aid. When someone encounters an accident which results in minor injuries, you are encouraged to give First Aid—but what exactly comprises First Aid? Is it just simply tending to small cuts, wounds, and scrapes, … Continue reading

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Cardiac Arrest 101: Helping Someone Who is experiencing a Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest refers to an abrupt cessation of the function of one’s heart. This happens when a person’s heart stops pumping blood, thus causing the victim to stop breathing and loss consciousness. This health issue (cardiac arrest) is prevalent in … Continue reading

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Certified Nursing Attendants, Here’s Why You Should Consider Earning More Skills

Being a certified nursing assistant is a great career choice. You’re able to work in different areas, choose the kind of schedule you have, enjoy a rewarding experience at every end of your shift, and you never have trouble looking … Continue reading

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