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South Florida Health Care Institute: Why should you have a good cardiovascular system?

Why should you have a good cardiovascular system?
Do you remember your lesson in grade school about your heart?

A person’s heart belongs to the human body’s cardiovascular system which is made up of one’s heart, arteries, veins and capillaries. South Florida Health Care Institute promotes an individual’s good cardiovascular system for the following reasons.

Healthy Stroke Volume

Stroke volume is the amount of blood which the left ventricle pushes from the heart in just one beat. Once an individual’s stroke volume increases, your heart will not be required to beat as many beats to deliver the same amount of blood to your body. With a healthy cardiovascular system, your heart could easily expand and contract.

To achieve a healthy stroke volume, a person should engage in regular aerobic exercises.

Normal Blood Flow

An individual’s arteries functions to deliver oxygenated blood to one’s cells. These arteries are elastic such that they easily open and contract to pump blood all throughout one’s body, especially to those organs which are farthest from the heart. However, when plaques build up in the artery walls, the elasticity decreases and it becomes more difficult to pump blood.

By doing cardiovascular exercises, the plaque buildup is reduced, so your arteries’ elasticity is maintained, hence a normal blood flow.

Decreases Disease Risk

With a healthy cardiovascular system, the transport of blood and a person’s energy production are enhanced. This results to a decreased risk of chronic diseases caused by high blood pressure and having high cholesterol in the blood.

Enhances Energy Production

By doing aerobic exercises, a person’s body produces more enzymes which convert the food we eat into energy which the cells can use. Also, it stimulates the functioning of the mitochondria which is the cell structure where production of energy takes place.

As you exercise, you improve your body’s cardiovascular system.

There are a lot of aerobic exercises which you can do to help your body maintain a good cardiovascular system. But if you want to maintain a healthy life, South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill Florida experts suggest that you sweat once in a while.

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