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Our Mission

South Florida Health Care Institute is committed to making life-saving techniques more accessible to the community. We provide healthcare training to anyone eager to learn how to respond to life-threatening situations. By spreading our expertise, we are helping in forging a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

Our Vision

We envision a community composed of proactive, alert, and well-equipped individuals ready to respond to emergencies anytime and anywhere. Through the programs we offer, we are gearing each individual to be life savers in their own ways.

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About South Florida Health Care Institute

Our privately owned and managed company offers AHA-certified training. We are proud to have provided the basic training for many professionals who now take up roles in the life-saving healthcare industry. Medics, nurses, school teachers, parents – anyone who wants to learn how to react in critical situations can get their training at South Florida Health Care Institute and be be better prepared for most emergencies.

While our training programs have impeccable quality and structure, we charge our students a competitive fee. We believe that access to healthcare training should not be limited to a privileged few; rather, it should be within reach for all. Getting your CPR and First Aid certifications can be affordable without compromising the quality of the training you get. We can conduct classes at our facility or upon request. We can also hold seminars in schools, businesses, private homes, and other similar settings.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us in advancing your healthcare skills. For reservations or to enroll in our classes, please call: 1-800-816-3489 or send us an email:

You can also visit our offices in Boca Raton and Sunrise for inquiries.