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5 Compelling Reasons to Learn First Aid

5 Compelling Reasons to Learn First Aid

There are countless reasons why people don’t take First Aid training programs – from being too busy with their other responsibilities to think that they already have enough knowledge about it. However, if you ask anyone who has taken a first aid course if it was worth it, their answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Having basic first aid knowledge is important. At South Florida Health Care Institute, we cite 5 important reasons why you should consider it:

  • It saves lives. The biggest advantage of learning first aid is that it gives you the ability to save lives. Accidents can happen – anytime and anywhere. During these dire circumstances, knowing how to perform first aid (i.e. basic treatment to prevent excessive bleeding) can help reduce the severity of the injury, or even save their life.
  • It increases the patient’s comfort. Not all injuries or accidents necessitate a trip to the hospital. However, it doesn’t mean that the patient isn’t suffering or in pain. By knowing how to perform first aid, even simple techniques like proper ice pack application, you can greatly increase the patient’s comfort and relieve pain.
  • You can provide emotional support. People involved in accidents typically panic; however, having you there with them may help decrease their anxiety levels. After all, a first aid training program teaches you to be cool calm, and collected in emergency situations which can help make a patient feel more secure.
  • You can prevent the situation from becoming worse. In some cases, patients who do not receive first aid care right away can deteriorate rapidly. By learning first aid, you can provide the basic care that they need to remain stable until emergency medical services arrive.
  • It promotes a safe and healthy lifestyle. Aside from learning various first aid techniques, first aid training teaches you to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. First aid training can teach you how certain lifestyle habits can decrease or increase your risks for getting into accidents or developing illnesses. First aid teaches you to become more conscious of your own health. It also helps you become more alert regarding potential hazards in your surroundings.

South Florida Health Care Institute provides training programs for First Aid, as well as CPR, BLS, ACLS, and PALS. Through our training programs, we aim to prepare you for different situations and provide you with the knowledge and confidence so that you can deal with every emergency efficiently and correctly.

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