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7 Drowning Prevention Tips for the Summer Season

Summer is the season where almost everyone wants to take a dip on the beach. During this time, a lot of people also try to heat things up with booze and binge. However, cases of drowning also increase for that matter. At most cases, recklessness and...

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9 Early Warning Signs of Having a Heart Attack

Heart attacks can suddenly occur in a short span of time. However, a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says that one can spot this incoming life threat for its early warning symptoms. Below are the 9 early warning signs of having a...

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Safeguarding your Children

Due to their active and carefree nature, children are often times prone to accidents. It is important to be aware and knowledgeable of possible scenarios of common accidents with children. As parents, it is your responsibility to know and be...

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What Should be Inside your First Aid Kit

Learning a basic life-saving technique should be a priority in our lives. You can never tell when the need might arise. We at South Florida Healthcare Institute, our health care institute in Fort Lauderdale Florida offers comprehensive and...

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What You Need to Know About Phlebotomy

Welcome to South Florida Health Care Institute, a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale Florida that is home to many licensed and trained medical professionals. Among our many programs taught here in our institute is phlebotomy. What...

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How to Properly Administer First Aid

First aid is a life-saving technique that should not only be learned by life guards, emergency respondents and medical practitioners. You know what; we think everyone should have the right to be trained on how to properly administer first aid. If...

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