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How to Properly Administer First Aid


First aid is a life-saving technique that should not only be learned by life guards, emergency respondents and medical practitioners. You know what; we think everyone should have the right to be trained on how to properly administer first aid. If you think so too, we are so glad that there is someone who shares the same sentiments.

It is because of people like you that South Florida Health Care Institute, the number one health care institute in Fort Lauderdale Florida, becomes so passionate about teaching on how to correctly give first aid. We train both health care professionals and civilians alike in the process and it is because of this that we get to help save a lot of lives.

To extend our teaching goals, we share to you a simple tip in giving first aid. You can learn first aid through the method of DRSABCD. It is important to apply this method in any situation as this method stands for:

D – Danger

Always stay attentive to your surroundings. Check if there are any dangers around you. If you are assisting another person who is in dire need or your help, you need to be certain that you are not putting yourself in danger.

R – Response

Check if the person you are attending to is conscious. In order to do this, you must pay attention if they respond to your calls. You can touch their hands or even squeeze their shoulder to do so.

S – Send for help

Make sure you ask others to back you up. Call for one and answer the questions the operator will ask.

A – Airway

The airway is the most important thing you should see to if you administer first aid. Check if the person has a clear airway. Remove scarf and other accessories that may block the airway. Also check if he or she is breathing.

What must a person do if the victim is not conscious? As the one who gives first aid, you can check if the airway is clear by:

  • Opening their mouth and
  • Looking inside of it

If all is clear, tilt their head back and check again if the person is breathing.

If you have found out that their mouth is not clear, you need to:

  • Place the person on his or her side
  • Open their mouth
  • Clear the contents
  • Tilt their head back
  • Check for breathing

You can check if the person is breathing by:

  • Looking for chest movements (going up or down)
  • Putting your ear close to their mouth and nose
  • Positioning your head on the lower region on their chest

If your patient is unconscious but is breathing, turn them on to their side. Ensure carefully that you help their head, neck and spine aligned. Make sure you keep an eye on their breathing until professional help arrives.

C – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR

When worse comes to worst, you can apply Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or otherwise known as CPR. Here is how you do it for adults:

  • Make sure that they are still unconscious. Review the previous steps if necessary.
  • Lay them flat on their back
  • Using the heel of one hand, place it on the center of the patient’s head. Place the other hand on top.
  • Press down confidently and smoothly at most one third of the patient’s chest. Do this 30 times.
  • Give two breaths. To do this, you must:
    a. Tilt his or her head back softly through lifting their chin.
    b. Pinch their nostrils closed.
    c. Put your mouth as firm as you can over theirs
    d. Blow tightly into their mouth
  • Repeat 4th and 5th step until your patient:
    a. Is handed over to the officers in the ambulance or possibly another trained person
    b. Responds

D – Defibrillator

If one is available, apply an automated external defibrillator or AED. This machine can be accessible in a lot of public places. But before using such, you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of using one.

In order to save lives, one must be knowledgeable in administering life-saving procedures. If you are interested to know more and practice first aid, visit an institution near you or you can just head to the finest health care institute in Fort Lauderdale Florida: South Florida Health Care Institute.

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