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Which Professions Benefit From Having A CPR Certification?

Which Professions Benefit From Having A CPR Certification

If you’ve ever attended a CPR course and gained a CPR certification, you must be wondering what you could do with it. Many jobs require you to be CPR certified. Here are 6 professions where you can benefit from your CPR certification!

Childcare Worker

It’s always better to be safe and careful when working with children as you never know what could happen. CPR and First Aid certification is required for teachers, nannies, daycare providers, and even scout leaders or camp counselors. Some states require the teacher to be certified in CPR, and even if your state does not, your school district may mandate or strongly suggest it.

Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Security Guards

CPR training is crucial for firefighters, cops, and security guards because they are involved in many circumstances ranging from minor mishaps to serious tragedies. As firefighters and officers are frequently summoned to accident scenes, it’s critical that they know how to provide CPR if ever they arrive before the EMS.

Physical Therapists

While physical therapists work in the medical area, they are not involved in the delivery of medical care in the same way that physicians are. As a result, some people may believe that physical therapists are exempt from CPR training. However, this is far from true. As physical therapists deal with patients who are recovering from sickness, or surgery, they may be weaker and more vulnerable to cardiac arrest.

General Medical Staff

Although you think you don’t need to be CPR certified while working as a receptionist or other members in a medical practice, it’s still a good opportunity to take CPR training. If ever you notice a patient going through cardiac arrest in the waiting room, it may take several minutes for a doctor or nurse to attend to them. It might save the patient’s life if the receptionist knows CPR.

Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

A cardiac arrest is always more likely when physical exercise is involved. Personal trainers and fitness instructors, including yoga instructors, should be CPR certified so that they can help if one of their students or clients has an emergency. Other gym employees, such as front desk staff, should consider CPR training as well.

This also applies to outdoor adventure guides such as whitewater rafting or hiking guides as they are engaged in activities that increase the chance of cardiac arrest. Physical activity, especially when mixed with the heat and humidity in some countries, can cause cardiac arrest. Outdoor guides should be CPR certified so that first aid can be provided while waiting for help.

Flight Attendants

Did you know that a flight attendant’s first responsibility is to ensure passenger safety? You shouldn’t expect a doctor or nurse to be on every flight, and because calling 911 from an aircraft is impossible, it’s down to the flight attendants and other passengers to provide life-saving assistance. A CPR certificate is so important in this area that having it can help you get a job as a flight attendant.

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