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Why Seniors Seriously Need Medication Assistance

imageAccording to the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the handbook for patient safety and quality, “the ability to remain independent in one’s home depends on the ability to manage a complicated medication regimen”. Studies show that older people ages 65 and older have about 16-18 prescriptions a year. So given the health conditions they struggle with, the side effects of these medications can also create confusion that could lead to accidental poisoning and overdose.

South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill believes that with the growing number of older adults in the country making them the largest users of prescription medications, we also have to improve our knowledge on managing medications to keep up with the rapidly increasing drug-related problems. We want to make sure the older adults avoid non-compliance or non-adherence to their medications due to their conditions.

Poor physical ability
The gradual deterioration of the body is a normal part of aging. This is why elders are prescribed with a number of prescriptions to support their daily needs given they also have a limited amount of food intake. Vision loss, mobility problems, and so on could impede them from taking their medications on time.

For instance, if the elders struggle with pain and cannot move further towards his/her medications, then missed doses happen. Or if they are suffering from arthritis and or having Parkinson’s disease, they might choose to postpone their medications due to these impediments. Hence, this is where medication assistance comes in. Assisting them with medication can offer relief and convenience for an overall achievement of wellness.

Cognitive problems
Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia are the most common memory problems that elders struggle. These conditions limit their ability to efficiently comply with their medications. They might even forget that they are taking medications at all. An intervention such as medication assistance is one way to help elders to achieve optimum health.

Healthcare professionals who are legitimately allowed to assist them with their medications can offer a great big of help to their health. Licensed caregivers can provide medications reminders and even self-administer the medications and treatments that older people need. If you want to get trained for medication assistance courses, you can visit or call South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill today!

Intentional noncompliance
Older people with chronic conditions often have a lot of reasons why they skip their medications. But half of the time, they intentionally skipped it. Why? The most common reason is the side effects that go with their medications. Some older people do not have a choice but to deal with the active ingredient of the medicine because their condition needs to. However, all medications have side effects and this could be very discouraging for the elders.

Also, if seniors feel that their medicines are not working for them but are not able to fully express this complaint due to physical incapability such as forgetting the particular reasons or hearing loss, they would want to skip their medications instead. Another reason is that some elders often misunderstand a caregiver’s intention of the medicines. They think it is slowly killing them; hence, the noncompliance.

Lack of management skills to handle medicines and treatments
Inhalers for asthma, eye drops, insulin injections and other specific ways of administration can be difficult for your elders. Plus, medications should be given regularly or daily; hence, without assistance might not be able to get used to the routine of taking the medications. For example, meal times should be used as cues for medications. With a healthcare professional to remind elders in taking their medications, it will avoid confusion, stress, and anxiety.

Management skills are highly needed for older people with too many medications as aforementioned. Having multiple medications at a single sitting is what commonly known as “polypharmacy” which increases the risks of experiencing medication-related problems and accidents. We cannot avoid this condition because older people are then again the age group that is susceptible to chronic diseases.

For more information about getting the right training for medication assistance courses, call South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill today!

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