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7 Drowning Prevention Tips for the Summer Season


Summer is the season where almost everyone wants to take a dip on the beach. During this time, a lot of people also try to heat things up with booze and binge. However, cases of drowning also increase for that matter. At most cases, recklessness and ignorance to preventive ways are the prominent causes. South Florida Health Care Institute, a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, gives you these ten tips to prevent drowning:

  • Formal swimming lessonsTaking formal swimming lessons is one of the best ways to prevent drowning. Your swimming instructors will teach you all the how-to-do and the what-to-do. Swimming lessons can also give you more ideas about how to deal with the water element.
  • Barriers and signage around deeper poolsIt is better to have a pool that has barriers on deeper areas. From chains to big boulders, it is best to have these barriers when deeper areas are part of a wide pool. A warning signage can also inform parents and adults on where the deeper pools are. Some pools have connected depths (i.e. downward sloping of the pool), which usually causes drowning.
  • Strict supervisionParents, lifeguards and guardians must always be on watch on their younger responsibilities when in the poolside or seaside. If the young does not know how to swim, better put them in the pools that they can handle the depths. Some teenagers usually brave out neck-line waters to get the hang of it, but actually, their reckless rebellion usually turns against them. It is better to get their attention before it goes downhill.
  • Require life jacketsIf one does not know how to swim, you can still enjoy the deep with life jackets. Ensure safety with these lifeguard buddies. Even though some people say that it hampers the pure enjoyments of swimming, it is better to be in good wrapping hands than to be sorry at the end.
  • Keep updates of local weather and tidesWhen you are on the beach, it is better to know other aspects of it— weather and tides. Isolated rain showers are sometimes inevitable in tropical countries because at times, the summer season creates drought and governments have this cloud seeding that might affect your beach area. And when choosing the beach you want to go, you would not want to swim on a day-time, low-tide beach area, right?
  • Never mix alcohol and swimmingIn beach parties, alcohol intoxication is one cause of drowning. Alcohol is one way to party it out, but having too much of it while in the ocean is an irrational thing to do. Your mind is not a 100% good state when you’re drunk, so better stay on shore.
  • Learn CPRIn times of emergencies, CPR and First Aid can help you, your family members and others. Take the chance to look for a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and learn CPR!

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