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9 Early Warning Signs of Having a Heart Attack

9 Early Warning Signs of Having a Heart Attack

Heart attacks can suddenly occur in a short span of time. However, a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida says that one can spot this incoming life threat for its early warning symptoms. Below are the 9 early warning signs of having a heart attack:

  1. Infrequent weaknessIf you might suddenly feel weak in your daily tasks or getting easily overwhelmed and exhausted of them without having to do a lot, this might be a sign that your heart is having a problem. Daily tasks suddenly become exhausting or overwhelming.
  2. Breathing problems If slight exertion of the body can easily put you out of breath, your heart is lacking the right oxygen-intake it regularly needs. The inconsistent heart-lung relationship can easily cause someone to have a heart attack.
  3. Mood swingYour body can easily communicate with you through your moods and if you have these feelings of anxiety or worry, then you might consider having it checked because your body is telling you that your body is encountering a problem.
  4. Digestive problemsRecurring heartburns, nausea and unexpected vomiting are early signs that your heart is having a big problem inside. Consider an emergency appointment with your doctor to have yourself medically checked.
  5. FaintnessWhen you frequently feel like you are getting flu, then there must be something wrong with your heart. This feeling of weakness might be one of the many words from the body that you must not take for granted.
  6. Sleep instabilitiesHaving trouble of sleeping? Then your heart might be telling you something. Sleep is highly needed for the body for regeneration and rejuvenation. Take note what causes the interruption of your sleep, if it is internally interrupted, then you might be having a heart problem.
  7. Chest uneasinessIf you are feeling this unusual pain/pressure or any discomfort in your chest area something like a pulled muscle, then your heart must be in trouble. You can check out a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get more ideas on what to do with this problem.
  8. Unusual achingAny form of discomfort from numbness, tingling places in the hands/limps, shooting leg pains could be signs of peripheral artery disease. You can learn more about these by checking out a health care institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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