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Basic Life Support, Basic Knowledge

Basic Life Support, Basic Knowledge

What is Basic Life Support and how does it help?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is a medical care performed at the forefront of a situation primarily used for individuals with injuries or victims of serious diseases as a means to alleviate pain or handle health issues before full medical care can be given at a hospital or a similar facility. Emergency medical officers and paramedics can perform this upon responding to a 911 call. But did you know that even bystanders can perform this on victims, too? Yes, even if you are just a bystander, you can administer basic life support so long as you have received the appropriate training for it at establishments like South Florida Health Care Institute.

As per the American Heart Association, the chances of a patient’s survival are increased when the one administering BLS follows the steps known as DRS CAB:
1. Identify Danger
2. Check for Response from the victim
3. Call for Help
4. Perform 30 Compressions to unresponsive patients followed by 2 rescue breaths
5. Open the Airway
6. Constantly Check Breathing

When you become a witness or even part of an accident, it is always better if you remain calm so that you can help others. With the right knowledge, you will be able to rescue people and save lives. It is a good thing that there is an avenue for you to learn this kind of knowledge. South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill Florida offers a comprehensive training program for people who wish to learn BLS. The BLS Training Program in South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill Florida involves an in-person session supervised by a certified BLS professional where you can learn how to effectively apply Basic Life Support in life-threatening situations.

Apart from Basic Life Support, South Florida Health Care Institute also offers refresher courses for Registered Nurses and Skilled Nurses. Save a life today. Enrol now at South Florida Health Care Institute in Inverrary Blvd. Lauderhill Florida.

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