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Who is the tallest person?

The honor for being the tallest living person is given to Radhouane Charbib from Tunisia. He stands tall with a height of 7 feet and 8.9 inches. On the opposite end, the tallest dead person is a female by the name of Zeng Jinlian from China. She was a shocking 8 feet 1.75 inches tall.

The tallest human being who had walked the earth was a man with a height of 8 feet and 11.1 inches tall. His name was Robert Pershing Wadlow. His shoe size was 37, and his clothes were 3 times as much cloth from an average person. He had a hard time fitting through doorways, and because most rooms were made for an average of 6 feet tall people, there was no room in bus, airplanes, or trains that could accommodate his ever-surprising vertical stretch. It seems like seeing the world on a clearer view has its own perks. The tallest guy died at the age of 22, due to poor blood circulation in his legs.

Who is the shortest person?

On another note, the shortest adult man is Chandra Dangi, a Nepalese. He has a height of 21.1 inches tall. The shortest woman is the Mexican Lucia Zarate who stands tall at a height of 20 inches.

What is the common infectious disease?

The most common infection affecting the human populace is the colds. There are at least 40 different cold viruses that can potentially infect humans. We usually get 3 bouts of cold every year. There’s something really common with common colds.

What is the leading cause of death worldwide?

Several decades ago, people look up to pneumonia and tuberculosis as critical red flags to their health. But in today’s mortality rate, the common and leading culprit is cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and strokes.

What is the rarest blood type?

Humans have several blood types, but if we’ll use the most common one, the ABO system, blood type AB is considered to be the rarest with only 1-2% of the population having this blood type. The most common blood group is blood type O. This blood group is also coined as the universal blood donor. They are also used in emergency blood transfusions.

What is the largest artery?

Our bodies’ largest arteries are called as the aorta. They are the major arteries connected to your heart. They have a diameter of about 3 centimeters.

What is the longest memory of a cell?

It’s fascinating how our blood cells work. Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell and are a part of the body’s defense mechanism, remember bacteria that they have encountered all throughout our lives. Such memory is retained through successive generations of lymphocytes produced.

What is the fastest way to die?

This question may sound odd, but for knowledge’s sake, the fastest way to die is through a heart attack. During the attack, the heart rhythm can suddenly become abnormal and stop abruptly. It only takes seconds for a person to die. But with proper resuscitation, you can revive the heart in about 15 minutes. So unless you know how to give CPR, drive your patient as fast as you can to the nearest hospital.

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