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Becoming a Parent: Choking Hazards


Young children would put anything in their mouths. This is why, as a parent, you must invest in PALS training in Boca Raton Florida. Besides crawling on all fours to check for choking hazards under your couch and other furniture, knowing the right way to respond to a choking child is another way to keep them safe from danger.

Of course, PALS certification in Boca Raton, Florida will also cover the things that would classify as “choking hazards” to a toddler, as well as, the safety precautions you should be making when storing small items in your home.

So what are these safety precautions? Take a look:

  1. Cutting food like grapes and hot dogs into small, one-half-inch pieces.
  2. Avoiding food that is not age-appropriate for your toddler. This includes nuts, hard candy, and chewing gum.
  3. Learning CPR training in Boca Raton, Florida, and keeping emergency numbers on speed dial.
  4. Childproofing cabinets and drawers so your child can’t get to the small items inside.
  5. Supervise children under eight years of age if they are playing with balloons. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach, and get rid of deflated or popped balloons.

One last tip is to learn the signs of aspiration. This is because your child may have choked on something but recovered on their own, and the object might still be lodged inside them. BLS training in Boca Raton, Florida can help with that.

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