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The Importance Of CPR Training For Parents

CPR training is an important and valuable skill that everyone should have. If you’re constantly worried that your child might slip and injure themselves or if you’re worried that they might accidentally choke and suffocate while eating, you...

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When Should You Stop Doing CPR?

We often learn how to perform CPR but what we don’t learn is when to stop. If you ever come across someone who needs CPR, you should assess the situation before diving headfirst. Here are 4 ways to determine when to stop doing CPR! Obvious...

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professionals doing cpr

Which Professions Benefit From Having A CPR Certification?

If you’ve ever attended a CPR course and gained a CPR certification, you must be wondering what you could do with it. Many jobs require you to be CPR certified. Here are 6 professions where you can benefit from your CPR certification! Childcare...

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Paramedic demonstrates CPR on a dummy

7 Essential Life-Saving Skills You Should Learn

Life-saving techniques give individuals the ability to survive and also save other people during life-threatening situations. Any life-saving skill becomes useful in these cases. When an individual’s life is at risk, people tend to panic and...

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Close up saline IV drip for patient and Infusion pump in hospital

A Basic Guide To IV Therapy

Have you ever wondered what IV Therapy is? If you are considering a career in this area, then you have to become familiar with it. You have to become certified first before starting to do Itherapy. Together with hands-on training, then you will be...

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Man lying on the ground after a work accident and a first aid ki

CPR Vs. First Aid: Know The Difference

As you start your journey to becoming certified, you might be wondering what is the difference between CPR and First Aid? It can be confusing for many people, as the two of them appear to be quite similar at first glance. So, which one is the better...

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