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Parents, Here Are How You Can Keep Your Child Safe from Choking Hazards

Parents, Here Are How You Can Keep Your Child Safe from Choking Hazards

Are you aware that accidental choking is more common in toddlers and babies? This is because small children tend to use their sense of taste when they want to learn new information about their surroundings. And of course, in order to that, they will have to put these items of curiosity into their mouth.

But accidental choking shouldn’t be all that much of a problem when your child is safe and sound in their own room, right? That’s what most parents think.

What they don’t know is that choking can be caused by a lot of different things. Coins, pen caps, hairpins… if it’s small enough to fit in your little one’s mouth, it can be a cause for a choking hazard. And as much as choking can be fatal for adults, it can bring about the same danger to children too (if not given immediate treatment).

Now, try to look around you and take notice of all the small objects in your immediate area. Do you see a number of them scattered about? How about in your child’s bedroom or playroom?

In case you’ve spotted out a lot of potential choking hazards in your home, here are how you can do away with them:

  • Store away small objects.
    Keys, pins, batteries, pills… stash these objects into containers that can’t be easily opened by your little one. For added safety, keep them in a place inaccessible to your child.
  • Avoid toys that can break off into tiny parts.
    Take note of the recommended age indicated on the packaging of the item. This should give you a clearer picture of what you should get your child from the toy store the next time you go shopping. And in case you have several kids at home, be sure to separate the older child’s toys as they tend to have smaller pieces that can harm your toddler.
  • Serve food into bite-sized pieces.
    If your little one has only started nibbling on food, prepare their meals in smaller cuts so they will have an easier time munching on it. Don’t forget to ready a drink during meals, it will help food wash down more easily.
  • Offer constant supervision.
    But sometimes, no matter how closely you look after your little one, accidents can still happen. And while those events may be unforeseen, they can, however, be prepared for.

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