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What Do You Learn in a First Aid Course?

What Do You Learn in a First Aid Course

You probably already know what First Aid is and how important it is when it comes to situations and circumstances when a person’s life is threatened. First Aid is defined as the immediate help given to a sick or injured person until proper medical attention and treatment can be given. Learning First Aid can be very helpful in many situations you may encounter in your daily life, not to mention, it is a chance to explore and get to know the hero in you.

The most common skill most people expect to learn in a First Aid course is the ability and method on reviving a person who has just lost consciousness due to a minor heart problem through cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR classes. However, that is just one of the many potentially lifesaving techniques and methods you get to learn in a First Aid course.

Here we take a look at some of the skills and classes you will be learning and encountering in First Aid:

  • Emergency Response
    Skills and techniques are useless when you don’t first know how exactly to respond to a crisis situation or emergency. To be proficient in First Aid, you must first learn proper emergency responses, such as how to approach the sick or injured person, what to check for in a situation, and of course, how to keep yourself safe while helping another person.
  • Wound Care
    A lot of injuries would require immediate wound care so as to avoid having the victim lose blood or get an infection, as well as to provide fast—albeit temporary—relief to the person. In a First Aid course, you will learn how to dress and treat wounds, bumps, bruises, and burns.
  • Choking and Breathing Emergencies
    Choking can be life-threatening, with many people in different age groups dying from not being able to breathe anymore due to a clogged windpipe. Knowing what to do in different cases of choking and difficulty in breathing is an integral part of First Aid.
  • Body Injuries
    First Aid gives you the necessary knowledge, methods, and techniques needed to provide immediate attention to victims who have just experienced a fall, trip, slip, or crash. Before the person can be taken to the hospital for proper medical care, First Aid is necessary for relieving the pain and preventing the injury from getting worse.
  • CPR and AED Training
    Training in First Aid will give you the knowledge, and hone your skills in performing CPR, as well as using an AED—or Automated External Defibrillator—in times of emergencies.

South Florida Health Care Institute offers First Aid training for individuals who are eager and willing to learn and acquire the skills needed to respond to a given crisis or emergency situation. We also give ACLS certifications in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to those who pass training and examinations.

We also offer PALS certification in Florida for everyone who is keen on learning and performing Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

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