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Performing First Aid: The Dos & Don’ts

Performing First Aid The Do s Don ts

There are some rules you have to follow when performing first aid. It is good to become familiar with these so that you know what to do in certain situations. In this article, we share more about the common dos and don’ts of performing first aid!

Do: Apply Pressure on Serious Bleeding

Try to stop the flow of blood using a sterile cloth or gauze over the wound. You can use a T-shirt or a clean sock if that is what you have. Elevate the injured part so that gravity can slow down the bleeding. Do bandage the wound to keep the constant pressure. Visit the doctor for care afterward. You need to look for medical care right away if the blood is not stopping. 

Do: Use the Heimlich for Choking 

The Heimlich maneuver can work effectively to dislodge food or objects from blocking the person’s airway. To perform the Heimlich, you need to stand behind the person and arrange your arms around their waist to bend them. Place a fist above the belly button, below the rib cage, then cover the other hand over it. Carry out several sharp thrusts until the object is ejected.

Do: Keep a Severed Finger

Clean the fingertip using water or saline solution. Cover it using damp gauze and then place it in a watertight bag on ice. Make sure that the fingertip doesn’t touch the ice directly as that can further damage it.

Don’t: Remove Stuck Objects

You might be able to remove a splinter on your own. But if a fishhook, needle, pencil, or something else is stuck in your skin, it is better to let the doctor remove it. In the meantime, stop the bleeding by pressing on the wound. Then, carefully bandage it. Take note not to push the embedded object deeper in.

Don’t: Lean Back for Nosebleeds

Tilting your head back during a nosebleed will send the blood down your throat. This could choke you or irritate your stomach. It is better to sit down and lean forward slightly. Keep your head above your heart in order to slow down the bleeding. Use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the front of your nose for 5 minutes. Then, check if the flow has stopped. Repeat these steps if needed. If you find that your nose continues to bleed even after 20 minutes or more, get medical help immediately.

Don’t: Rub an Injured Eye

If you feel that there is something in your eye, blink to flush it out. You can also rinse with tap water or saline solution. But if your eye is punctured or cut, head to the doctor’s right away. Don’t try to remove it or rub the eye.

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