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The 5 Main Objectives Of First Aid Training

The 5 Main Objectives Of First Aid Training

The aims of first aid include preserving life, preventing injury from getting worse, aiding recovery, relieving pain, and protecting the unconscious. The main objective is to save lives. And first aid training is key to doing that if properly implemented. In this article, we share more about the main objectives of first aid training!

Preserve Life

Preserving life is the primary objective of doing first aid. This involves making sure that the injury is not a life-threatening one for the individual. It also involves calling ambulances as soon as possible and also performing CPR in extreme circumstances. Someone who is trained in first aid should check for vital life signs as well, to see if an injury is life-threatening. These signs include evidence of breathing, movement, responsiveness, heart rate, and any bad external injuries.

Prevent Injuries from Getting Worse

To prevent the injuries from getting worse, a first aider should not attempt to move the patient if they are currently bleeding or have suffered a fracture. Not just that, cleaning wounds using antiseptics will prevent infection and any other problems down the line. If there are fractures, do keep the body part still and make use of something that is soft to pad the area. Get rid of any risk factors that can make the injury worse. 

Relieve Pain 

First aid is there to reduce suffering for the patient, by making sure they are as comfortable as possible. This can involve giving them pain medication, elevating wounds, as well as ice packs. 

Aid Recovery 

First aid helps a person heal their wounds, both in the short term and long term. Aiding recovery involves putting pressure on a bleed and wound bandages. Pressure is needed to stem the flow of blood, so you have to get the patient to put their hand on the bleeding area while you prepare other aids. If the patient cannot do this because of the injury, then the first aider should do it for them. On top of that, advise the person what they can do when they go home, such as changing the bandages daily to prevent infection.

Protect the Unconscious 


Unconscious persons are vulnerable and require more protection. Start off by identifying and clearing away any potential hazards from the person. This is to avoid greater harm to the unconscious person and prevent harm to the first aider. Then, check for the important vital signs. If you don’t hear a heartbeat, you may need to start CPR. If you don’t think the person has a spinal injury, then place the person in the recovery position which involves lying the person on one side and making use of the arm to support their head. 

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