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The Importance Of CPR Training In The Workplace

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death. Almost half a million Americans die because of cardiac arrest. Globally, it claims more lives than any other disease, cancer, or accident combined. In fact, many Americans die because of cardiac arrest in the workplace. Then more than 350,000 cardiac arrests take place outside of hospitals. These numbers are real numbers. Going for CPR training ensures that you will be able to act quickly and effectively to save lives when needed. In this article, we share more about the importance of CPR training in the workplace!

Workers Feel Safer

People say knowledge is power and this is a popular saying for a reason. Imagine knowing that all the workers are equipped to deal with emergency situations. If they are able to react quickly during emergency situations to provide CPR and first aid, life would be easier. This is a huge reason why CPR training is so important in the workplace. The workers will all feel safer to be working in that environment. If you are not convinced yet, there are so many other reasons below.

Meet Federal Requirements

CPR certification is not just preferred but even required by some states and for some non-medical professions. There are states that have regulations that require workers to be CPR-certified. And some of such professions include coaches, firefighters, construction workers, and daycare providers. Even if your business doesn’t require you to be CPR-certified, it is still a good idea to take up a course today.

Effective Handling of Emergency Situations

It’s normal for people to panic in emergency situations. By training the team to recognize possible symptoms of a cardiac arrest or heart attack, you could help them respond quickly. With only mere seconds between life and death, it matters that your employees are able to react fast. Many of these warning signs are shared in the CPR courses so you are aware of them.

Lower Insurance Rates

Lower insurance rates still surely draw you in right now. Many companies that have CPR-certified staff have lower insurance rates because they do not have to make claims to cover medical costs like CPR. You don’t have to pay a higher insurance premium to complete the same tasks that anyone in your office can do.

Easy to Learn

The best part about CPR courses is that it is quick and easy to learn. CPR courses can take about 2 to 4 hours long. It depends on whether it is a smaller or larger group. It is one of the most important life skills that can be learned in about 3 hours.

Attend Courses at South Florida Healthcare Institute

South Florida Health Care Institute offers quality CPR and first aid training courses with impeccable structure. Our training is for everyone who wants to learn and become prepared for emergency situations. We believe that access to healthcare training should not be for the privileged people but should be made accessible for all. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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