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The Average Cost Of CNA Training And Certification

American money placed with red stethoscope on wood background reflects investment and costs in health care industries including nursing and physician education.

When considering taking up any type of training, the cost is a key consideration. So, when you consider whether to become trained as a certified nursing assistant, this is no different. In order to work as a CNA in the U.S., you have to undergo a period of training where you will be assessed on both knowledge and practical skills. The training comes in two major parts: practical and theoretical.

However, CNA training is not so cheap. The expense may be one of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from joining the course. However, you should bear in mind that you are likely to earn more once you become certified as a CNA. The state you live in can dictate the amount you earn, but there is plenty of potential out there. You have to consider the cost of training in light of your potential future salary. Read on to learn more about the average cost of CNA training and certification!

The Training Course

The cost of the training course will be about $550 and $1100. However, the overall cost depends on which state you live in, as well as the length and content of the course. Do talk to the nurse aide registry in your state for more information on the local training costs.

The training course will last up to 10 weeks, with some of them lasting only six weeks. While many of these courses can be found online, not all state registries accept training completed online, so you have to check with your local registry first before signing up.

The CNA Exam

The CNA exam tests the knowledge that you have learned over the course you have taken. The exam is made up of a set of multiple-choice questions; you need to pass the test to be eligible for certification. The exam cost is the cheapest part of CNA training and it only takes about a couple of hundred dollars, with most states charging only $115.

The CNA Certification

Once you have finished your training course and passed the exam, then you can register at your local nurse aide registry as a certified nursing assistant. The cost involved in this is usually included with the exam pass.

The Overall Cost

The overall cost of the training will be about $1,000 to $1,500. Some programs will cost more and some cost less. There are courses that can even be taken for free at places such as the Red Cross. Whatever the cost may be, you can be sure that you can enjoy positive future prospects once you are qualified as a CNA.

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