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Things You Need to Know About ECG

Things You Need to Know About ECG

You might have heard of the acronym “ECG”, but never really knew its meaning. Today, we will tackle about a few facts concerning ECG. What can ECG do to help our current health situation? How can you learn ECG? Here are some helpful answers.

The meaning behind the acronym

ECG or sometimes EKG means electrocardiogram test. Its function is to check the electrical activity of your heart. This is why you can associate line tracings as a representation of a heartbeat in popular culture. The electrical activity of the heart can be seen as line tracings on paper or on a screen through ECG. Abnormal or unusual activity can be interpreted by the waves on screen or on paper.

How can it help us?

An ECG test can be very helpful when it comes to finding out if your high blood pressure has affected your heart or blood vessels. An ECG test can also diagnose or detect the following: cholesterol building up in your blood, a previous heart attack, enlargement of the heart, and abnormal heart rhythms.

How can I prepare for an ECG test?

There are no particulars when it comes to preparing for an ECG test. However, if you are going to have an exercise ECG, then wear the appropriate outfit that you can comfortably exercise in. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks two hours before the ECG test.

Three types of ECG

There are three types of ECG tests, namely: the resting ECG, exercise ECG and the 24-hour ECG test. It is safe and painless for all the three types. As the names of these types implies, each test depends on how the doctor will monitor the activity and rhythm of your heart. If it’s all day, then the 24-hour ECG test will be made. If the doctor wants to monitor your heart when you’re at rest or moving, then the resting ECG or the exercise ECG will be made.

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