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Traits an Excellent Babysitter Should Have

Traits an Excellent Babysitter Should Have

Planning to become a professional babysitter? Or do you enjoy the company of children and taking care of them in turn? Become an excellent babysitter now! But first, you should assess yourself if you are really suitable for this challenging career.

An excellent babysitter is:


Children don’t just stay put like adults. Most children like to explore their surroundings. They may run around, suck or touch objects, and ask a lot of questions. You should be able to create fun activities to make children explore their world safely and effectively. You should be able to catch up with a child’s high energy.


You don’t have to teach the child riddles, proverbs, algebraic equations and scientific details just yet. As a child’s teacher, you can teach him/her the basics in language/communication such as teaching him/her the ABCs and reading. You should be able to impart knowledge to the child especially when he/she is trying to ask critical thinking questions like “Why is the grass green?”


If you are disciplined, then you can also discipline the child/children. Disciplining children is indeed difficult, but if you just treat children as if they’re your own children, you can have it your way. You don’t have to spank the child or punish the child unjustly. All you have to do is to enforce punishment if and only if the child deserves it. You can look up about parenting styles in psychology and try to apply it on babysitting. Also, you can make an incentive system. For example, when a child obeys you, you can give him/her a candy or anything he/she likes.


You have to be patient when the child doesn’t get what you say. They’re just mere children and they have a lot to know and discover in this world. So be patient if he/she doesn’t obey you at times or if he/she would like to go outside and play. Letting a child discover the world on his/her own is much better for his/her development. But of course, you have to monitor him/her.


An excellent babysitter is quick in emergency situations. He/she can easily detect if there are changes in the child’s behaviour and emotions. He/she is also concerned with the child’s feelings, trying his/her best not to hurt the child in any possible way.

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