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What Is ACLS?


ACLS, or Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, refers to a set of clinical procedures and interventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other cardiovascular-related life-threatening medical emergencies. This of course also includes the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deploy and administer these procedures and interventions. ACLS procedures were designed in a way that they are simple enough to be committed to memory and therefore can be easily recalled under moments of stress.

There is a course curriculum published by the American Heart Association (AHA), which is considered to be the gold standard in the United States, and even in other countries, when it comes to training for ACLS. Knowledge on ACLS is crucial when it comes to being able to provide proper and procedural First Aid, as ACLS covers important emergency treatments such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, or ECC.

Proper utilization of ACLS requires rapid and accurate assessment of the patient’s condition, not just in the initial phase where you take in the patient’s situation in distress, but also for the entire duration of the process. Therefore, it is important to have the proper training, mindset, and attitude while performing the necessary procedure.

Training and learning ACLS can be quite challenging, and would definitely require an ability or willingness to stay calm, focused, and alert in times of distress and an emergency, however, earning that certificate afterward will be worth it, as you will then be fully certified and ready to help your loved ones and others who are in need. You will also be equipped to face dire situations with a calm and ready disposition, focused only on finding ways to alleviate the distress.

South Florida Health Care Institute offers training, classes, and services which will allow you to have your ACLS certifications in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With highly-trained and well-experienced professionals in the field of health care and emergency medical response, you are sure to be well-equipped by the time you earn your certificate or have finished the course of your choosing. Whether it be CPR classes, First Aid training, or classes to get your PALS certification in Florida, our engaging classes will help you get ready to save lives.

Our training programs at South Florida Health Care Institute are certified by the American Heart Association, and we use only the best curriculum in our programs to ensure that you get the proper, certified training. Get in touch with us today, and ask us on how we can begin your training for healthcare, and training for life.

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